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                                          My PIC12F683 Development Board
Office Map Circuit diagram for each experiment may not be available separately because they are conducted with PIC12F683 development board that I made. So, the readers should first see the schematic of my development board.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Versatile Temperature Data Logger using PIC12F683 and DS1820

There are varieties of digital temperature logger projects available online based on different microcontrollers. The one I am going to talk about is based on a Microchip's 8-pin microcontroller, PIC12F683. It reads temperature values from a DS1820 digital sensor and stores in its internal EEPROM. PIC12F683 has 256 bytes of internal EEPROM and we are going to store the temperature values in 8-bit format. This means only the eight most significant bits of temperature data from DS1820 will be read and as such the temperature resolution will be of 1 degree C.

My temperature logger has following features:
  • Reads temperature from a DS1820 sensor and stores in the internal EEPROM locations.
  • Can store up to 254 temperature values. EEPROM location 0 is used to store the sampling interval, and location 1 is used to store the number of records.
  • Three sampling interval options: 1 sec, 1 min, and 10 min. This can be selected during powering up.
  • Start and Stop buttons for control operations.
  • The recorded temperature values can be sent to PC through a serial port. A separate Send button is available to initiate data transfer.
  • A LED to indicate various ongoing operations.
  • Reset button to clear all previous records.  

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